Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Reflection about the Article

Nicolas Kristof
U.S.A, Land of Limitations?

              My reflection about this article is that I totally agree on what Nicolas had to say in this article. Many children do not have the same opportunity as others may have had. I think that is because more  children today are in poverty than they were 10 years ago. Being in poverty does not give that child many opportunities for them to succeed in life. Some children do beat the odds and do get a great job even though they were in poverty. I am hoping that one day there will be no more children in poverty and they will be able to get the same education as other children that are not in poverty.
                I do feel like it is the parents fault sometimes that their children do not have to same opportunities as other children. I feel like that because maybe the parents decided to rely on a man and when the women pushed that kid was pushed out the guy went MIA and the women was left by herself with the child and nothing to her name. All children should no have to go through poverty because it puts more stress than they do not deserve that.


  1. hi Kayla, I agree with what you said in the fact that no child should be in a stage where they feel stress when they go threw their problems. I knew and worked with a student that didn't have a lot, and when the student would come to class the student was quiet because most of the time, the student would be upset due to problems at home and it would affect the student so much at school that no work would be done because of the stress.